The storage NFTs

Storage is the maximum size of your resources. NFTs are not counted toward storage space. For example, if you prospect too much iron with a mythic card and you have a basic storage, the extra iron which can’t be deposited will be discarded.


Even if it looks like there is a lot of storage, crafting NFTs and building armies at the same time, especially high-quality ones might get tricky. That’s why it is important to have a lot of storage. A mythic or legendary NFT can fill your storage space pretty fast, too.


To not over complicate things and to give you a hard time calculating big numbers, we set the storage counting for each resource. For example, if one NFT will give you 100 storage, you can store 100 of iron, 100 water, and any other resource types up to 100. Even if your iron will reach 100, you can still gather food until you reach 100, or water, or another resource.


It’s important to keep in mind that doing quests, getting PvP rewards, chests, and other events, might provide a sudden spike in rewards, and it would be a shame to lose the resources.


Crypto EBI is in blockchain, so it’s not limited by your storage. The vUSD currency is also not limited by your storage limits.


If you have two or more NFTs which give you storage space, for example, one house which might give you 100 storage and a mythic storage, the resources will stack! Since our future rare super-limited NFT editions might have those stacking bonuses, it’s good to have some armies and buffs ready for the encounters where you have a chance to get them.

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