EBIDS is using a combination of NFTs, crypto coins and virtual resources. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a token stored in the blockchain which you own and is attached to your digital crypto-wallet. You can use your NFT in other projects too if you want. The NFT is bound only to you and is property.


NFTs can be bought and sold from various markets, like Atomichub, Opensea, etc.


However, be careful to not lose your wallet, because you will lose access to your NFT, too. Once we mint it, it goes directly to you. In general, Land NFTs are very valuable, so be sure you don’t lose your wallet, because you will lose access to your land, coins and all revenue which is attached to that land!


There is no way to “recover” your NFTs or to give you access to that Land NFT, or the crypto coins attached to your wallet.


EBIDS NFTs are limited. After they will be distributed, we will not make another similar set of one specific NFTs. From time to time, we will release a super-limited edition (for example only 1 mythic NFT, or 3 legendary NFTs, or 5 epic NFTs) with new statistics and design, which we will add to the game random drop pool to keep people interested in farming and to celebrate/mark some milestones (for example, maybe one Christmas mythic NFT).

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