The crypto NFTs

Your crypto NFTs will gather EBI crypto coins. Those NFTs will use a lot of the energy resource, so you might want to have energy NFTs and enough storage.


We will work to get EBI exchanged like any other crypto currency on various sites/wallets. But don’t forget: all games are showing until now almost the same pattern: get them when the price is low and can be farmed and sold!


A lot of “wish to have but not mandatory” on-demand features of the game will require crypto, for example protection from Elite when going on vacation to keep your army fed and you base safe, unlocking blueprints, chests, events, buying special items or a special prospecting button which will prospect and gather all resources with one click.


Our philosophy is to give to EBI all the nice-to-have features we can think of, to increase its value or your investment. Those features might appear without major patches, overnight. Bearers of Founder Tokens will sometimes receive on Discord on the #founders channel hints or details on new features which are implemented before they go public, and you can send us on Discord any idea you want implemented in game.


The EBI crypto will be sent to your wallet when it will drop from prospecting, quests, chests, PvP or other events. Once sent, don’t lose access to your wallet, because that will mean that your EBI will be lost, too and we will not reissue the coins.


If the EBI will lose sync with the blockchain, all EBI will remain in our queue to send to the blockchain, and will be sent when the blockchain comes online. If the game can’t get your wallet value from the blockchain when you are trying to spend it, only the player which have a Founder Token will be able to play the game on credit, and their spending will remain to be paid when the blockchain is back online.

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