The energy NFTs

Without energy, there is no blockchain. Without energy, there is no mining. Without energy, there are no transactions. Without energy, a lot of your NFTs won’t work!


Right now, energy can be generated from refined products (like oil, gas) and some special Land NFTs. In addition, be sure you have enough storage and calculate properly how you will use it.


Energy can be transactioned on the market. However due to various spikes, it’s good to have your own stored energy to fuel your basic activities.


Crypto NFTs require a lot of energy, because EBI is expensive to generate. It’s a proof of work, required to give value to the EBI. Take in consideration when you buy some legendary crypto NFT, that you might not have enough energy to use it, so you will need enough storage to produce the energy, too.


Crafting NFTs, researching, and other activities might cost energy, too.

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