To trade your resource in-game, you can use the market.


You can’t trade NFTs on the game market, only resources which can be sold for vUSD (the virtual game coin). You can buy and sell EBI NFTs at or other NFT markets. In the future, we might add the feature to trade uncommon/rare NFTs inside the game, too.


To not overload the blockchain with too many transactions, only the crypto coin EBI and NFT’s are stored in blockchain. The other resources, are used to construct the NFT’s, armies and for other costs.


To avoid inflation and to give value for the resources around vUSD, the ratio at the start of the game is 1:3. This means you can sell 1 food resource for 1 vUSD, and buy it for 3 vUSD. The price will be variable, based on stocks buy/sell.

After a transaction is made, if your storage is not enough, the resources which can’t fit will be discarded.


And, of course, be careful to not sell everything by mistake! The market is using only mined resources, so we can’t roll back a transaction because it will affect the economy.

Because the resources in the market are only sold by players, it may happen that sometimes you can’t find some resource. So, if you plan to build some big army, be sure you stash enough resources in your storage, and don’t count on the market.

When we will put live the updated version two, the market interface will change for sure, because we will have new resources added and many other interesting things you might want to sell and buy. You will have some super-rare or drop-only resources used to craft some crazy blueprints. As a hint, one of the super-limited editions NFTs which we will introduce will give you the possibility to send us your favorite image and we will craft an unique NFT with special effects for you and send it to your address. For example, you can use it as a giveaway for your YouTube viewers or use it like any other NFT!

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