Game map

The game has a limited map, which will not be expanded in the future. The map is only 30×30.


Every player who does not own a land will be allocated in a balanced manner to one of those parcels. The owner of the parcel will receive automatically a tax cut from the players who are on his parcel.


The design of the map is still in development and will be changed probably before the start of the game.

If owned, one parcel from the map above will host the land owner base and the players who don’t have any land. The hosted players will be distributed equally between land owners and they will pay a tax from what they gather to the land owners, including a percentage of EBI crypto coins.


As you can see in the demo map bellow, the land owner base is surrounded by walls. Each building is one of his NFTs and all the NFTs of the players assigned to his land will be shown on the map as buildings outside the walls. You can mouse over to see who owns which NFT in your land, in case you want to contact him to trade, etc.

The owner of the parcel won’t be able to change the tax percentage. We designed it like this because we want to create an environment where they can build a long-term relation. It’s in the interest of the land owner to have nicely equipped co-players on his land, so it’s up to him if he wants to make contests and give some uncommon or rare NFTs to his land co-payers, etc. If a land owner will give a referral link to somebody, the new player will be assigned to his land.


Players can’t send resources between themselves. However, you can sell them on the in-game market and the NFTs on external markets on the internet.


On the map, various quests, events, battles which can drop NFTs or EBI, blueprints, rare resources or drop only resources will appear. One advice: be ready!

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