The game

The game does not require “gaming” skills. It can be played super-casual or active. You have a set of NFTs and you use them to gather various resources and build other NFTs. In the example below, you can see a common burger factory, producing 4 food. Because the player has a mythic land NFT too, he gathered the land resources too: 1934 water and 1810 energy.

If you have the NFTs for some specific factory, you can use the factory to prospect, build, etc. If you don’t have any NFTs, you can build them with the resources gathered, or buy them from markets.

Having duplicate NFTs won’t stack and you can equip just one type of NFT for each factory. For example, if you have one common storage NFT and one uncommon storage NFT, you can use the common or the uncommon one, but you can’t equip both at the same time.

If you lack resources, you can trade them using the game market. Especially when you start the game, if you start with the basic tools, it might look pretty hard to gather the resources needed to reach the uncommon NFTs. Building the common NFTs for each resource will give you more and more resources which you can trade. Additionally, when you gather various resources, you have chances to get rarely random NFTs, other resources, or coins like vUSD or EBI crypto coins.

If you want to start without buying any NFTs from markets, you might find it a bit difficult, because it will require some intensive and constant farming to reach the stage where you start to produce NFTs. We designed the game like this to keep the value of NFTs but, at the same time, if somebody really wants to go the free-way, to have the “proof of work” aka “proof-of-play”.


With resources, you will be able to research blueprints, talents, gather & buff your armies and participate at various quests and events.


The battle is still under development, so we don’t have any screenshots yet.

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