We love strategy games! Building armies, battles, gathering resources, upgrading base facilities. And because the new blockchain technology is here, now on top of this, we can have a our piece of virtual land!

This is how this game was born. We want to make it as a starting point to grow further into a complex industry of crafting and weapons forging. With one reason: to gather and fight for crypto coins!

Our assets are public, and because we respect and love the other blockchain games, the assets you gain here can be used in another games too!

In plus, are a lot of talented developers, if somebody will build awesome modules which can bring a plus to this game, we will see if we can add them to the game.

Game plot

The game is a post-apocaliptic game, where our planet didn’t come to a consensus and nations destroyed each other. You survive by luck being in a cave, and find an Old Pickaxe nearby. At the first sunshine, tired of eating bats and lucky to have water in a cave, you take your first breath after years outside.

Outside civilization is gone, others survived too. You will start building everything from resources you gather with your pickaxe, thinking that one day you will have your own land, a big army and a lot of coins!

There are some other rich survivors who paid their place in strong bunkers, which have already some tools and pieces of land.

And too have some fun, in addition there is the evil corporation called Elite. When the players will advance to the point where will attract their attention, the never-ending every-day wars will start for resources and crypto coins.


The NFT’s in this game are used as tools and lands. You can use them to gather various resources, and each use have a cooldown.

For example to gather food, you can build or buy an NFT “Chicken Farm”. This will provide you each few minutes some food.

Of course, everybody will be interested  in the Crypto NFT’s, which produce crypto EBI coins for you. But until there, there is some proof-of-play to do.

Your start with an Old Pickaxe, and with it you gather iron (and you might find other things too). To use your pickaxe and gather, you need food and water. Because you are at the beginning, your goal clearly will be to have your own source of water and food, even basic ones, because otherwise part of what you gather will go to Elite’s Central Vaults, as payment for your food/water survival. This was introduced to make the start a bit tricky and some grinding for people who don’t want to start with bringing liquidity.

After you gather enough iron, you can build other basic (common) virtual-NFT-like tools. Once you have them all, next step will be of course to gather enough resources to craft the green and blue NFT’s. There is a big upgrade between their rarities, for obvious reasons. We don’t want people to craft all NFT’s in one week or to get the rare crypto mining too fast, because this will give value to existing NFT’s. In addition we want some long-term active players so we can play and build a community!

You can craft only common, uncommon and rare NFT’s. The epic, legendary and mythic ones are from packs only or random drops. We will add from time to time some epic+ new NFT’s, but NOT from the limited series which are already in game. Will be some unique super-limited NFT’s maybe each few weeks, which will be put to random drops pool, with care to not decrease the value of existing ones. We do this, because in weeks/months, we could see that the game will be inbalanced lacking badly some resource (for example too many powerful food NFT’s), and give give some reason to play too etc.

One of the goals of course will be to get the higher level of crypto NFT’s, which will gather crypto coins for you. After that you can login daily to fight for crypto coins and play with us, or from time to time, is up to you. We will take care to give to active players chances for profits and to casuals to have chances to play too.

NFT type and rarity

There are 6 rarities: common (virtual-NFT-like cards, are not NFT’s written in blockchain), common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. There are tools used for crafting and prospecting, or storage, and lands.

The resources provided by NFT’s right now are: iron, coal, wood, water, food, crypto coins, virtual dollars (vusd), storage space, energy, oil, gas etc. We will add other resources in the future.

Some NFT’s or with crypto  you can have special features. For example there are some high rarity NFT’s which will open a new console to prospect all factories with one click.

We didn’t want to add on the NFT itself all features and what it brings, because in time we might see that some needs a boost or we can add new features to them. But we really don’t plan on intervening into game economy at all, because allways markets auto-regulate.


We will not make public the anticheating and random drop strategy, because we don’t want the game to be abused.

To have a strong economy you will need storage, because even if you have some legendary NFT which will gather a lot of resources in one click, if you have just a simple basic storage box, you won’t have space for them. And of course to use some NFT’s sometimes you will need some type of resources (for example to use some crypto NFT you will need energy), so not only that you will need storage, but you will need a balance of various resources.

Some NFT’s have cooldowns, because obvious we don’t want some mythic NFT to be clicked each second.

Don’t bother to build autoclickers, bots, parsers, because we have random content which appears now and then giving you various actions and you might end clicking that you agree to freeze your account for a while. And no, we will not unlock if you come to make a drama on Discord, don’t bother and don’t autoclick! We learned from other blockchain games what are the effects. So, if you might validate that you are 200% a bot/clicker/parser/wannabe-hacker, we won’t just ban your account, but before that we will report you to WAX and others, and after we will mark your NFT’s as banned too (they all have an unique ID).

You can play with multiple-accounts one same IP, and we will love to see your family on same land having fun! The game was designed to have proof of work/play or proof of stake. You can’t send resources in game from one player to another, so in order to have two powerful crypto NFT’s in two different accounts, you will need to have the other NFT’s to store and resources to use them. If you think you can achieve some head-bashing-multi-tasking between multiple bases at once continuous, well we really don’t care if are two players doing it or just one who wants to do it 8h/day, because will burn you down after a while the proof-of-work, you will miss counters and opportunities.


To craft an NFT, you will need to select your Construction yard. There you can chose which NFT you want to craft and you will see the resources required to craft it.

Crafting is instant right now, we know is not “natural”, but we think that maybe you want to craft an NFT for your friend or you want to sell it because you see there is none on the market, and waiting hours to be crafted will be annoying. However, we have the possibility to add a crafting time, so we might introduce this in the future if we see is needed.

You can’t craft a rare NFT with the basic tools, you will need the uncommon construction NFT first.

A crafted NFT will be written in blockchain, and it’s YOUR NFT!

All crafted NFT’s you can see them in your inventory, and there you can select which NFT you want to use or not.

Carefull, if you select a storage box instead some epic storage NFT and you have a lot of resources, the rest will be discards which can’t fit. The same the cooldowns of NFT’s remain active, even if you switch them.

Crypto coins

Some players will chose to make some money selling NFT’s, some will chose to grind crypto coins, some will play for encounters and gameplay. We are not against any of those ways, because that’s what everybody wants.

That’s why we have this mindset:

#1 we want players to earn based on their investment, if we see an exaggerated imbalance, we will try to fix it to make it fair for everybody specially for investors!
#2 we do let some random NFT to drop to keep this game interesting, but don’t think that today with an Old pickaxe you will find 100 NFT’s to sell, because you won’t, even if yes you might find a mythic one by pure luck!
#3 we want to give to players reasons to pay their crypto coins and resources for various things, and we don’t talk here about the useless “buy this cute blockchain puppy which does not make anything, for 10000$”.
#4 in general we want resources, crypto, fiat to go into NFT’s and armies, blueprints, rare resources or features
#5 land owners are rewarded. Imagine having 30 referrals players, mining EBI and paying you tax! Yes, passive income!
#6 Elite faction will keep balance in this game. If you want your dear EBI, you will need to play.
#7 We want to grow the game into a crazy economy of items and craft right now, a nice community not only of farmers but of mmo-RTS/RPG gaming lovers too, with hope that someday we can reach the next level of the game which we have in plan!
#8 We will make updates from time to time, bringing more and more content, going more into deeper into gaming and fun part.

EBI’s earned will be written in blockchain. There is one setting in your account if  you want to write the crypto coins every time you get them, daily automatically, or on demand. This is to avoid useless calls to blockchain which might bring bad game experience (like captcha etc).

With the NFT’s and crypto coins from blockchain, do what you want!

Have fun (and profit)!


Everybody wants LAND! And we made them so attractive, because we learned from other games!

  • the land NFT is written in blockchain, you can sell it on markets, you already know why you want it
  • there will be no further “another continent”, “more land packs” after start
  • if the game gets really bloated and stuck and we will need to expand the game, we will go underground. The underground parcel will pay to above one tax, and will have different new introduced resources bonus to not affect the existing land owners. But we really don’t plan/want this.
  • every player which does not have a land, will be given a tent on one of the existing lands. He will pay to the land lord fees from what he’s gathering, a part of his iron, crypto, etc.
  • new players with tents, will be assigned EQUALY on lands, so all lands will have +-1 maximum difference of players on them.
  • you can’t kick players from your land
  • a player can move to another land (because they give bonuses like food), but only after his spot is filled. So, he will sit in queue, until he can be transfered to another land. There are no lands which give crypto bonus.
  • you can’t change the tax income
  • banned accounts or inactive for more than 30 days will be removed from your used tents/players slots, and new players will be added instead
  • land NFT’s have a Blockchain Asset mark on them
  • users who signup thru your referral, will be placed on your land automatically
  • at first pack sales, to avoid issues with payments made at same time due to slow ethereum, we might add few extra parcels to the map as exceptions! But, no, even if will be double demand of parcels, we will not double the map.

Elite TAX and involvement

Elite is the NPC game faction which will bring equilibrium in the things we can’t forsee.

The game will start without crypto taxes and no involvement from Elite side. New players will only pay food and water in resources to the Elite Central Vault, if they don’t have them, while prospecting other resources, to force them to build/buy the NFT’s.

However if the game will develop and we want features, maybe to pay better web hosting, developers and so on, we might be needed to put a small tax if things go out of control.

Because we love DEFI, this will happen ONLY after entire game community will vote. We will make pools and we will ask you if you want to bring the game in one direction or another. We will think if one big investor should have more votes than 100 old pickaxers.

But on the the other side, the Elite is one of your problems in game. After enough players will reach a point where enough resources are gathered, armies can be built war will start

Everyday or weekly Elite forces will battle the players who sent their armies to war. There will be armies wiped out, crypto won, NFT’s won, resources won or lost, balanced to each player involvement. This way, even some casual player can fight and loot a bit, but the real gamers will loot more.

The war part is still under construction, so things might change in one direction or another. The input from community will play an important role too. We want the game to be fair for casual and non-casuals too, and we want you to use your resources and crypto for this and to win some fiat too! It remains to be discussed if a chance to win a mythic NFT in a weekly epic battle is a strong reason to make players interested, or maybe we will find something else. Like we said, we wait for your input/ideas.

EBI token

Our crypto token is called EBI

No, we are not on Binance and big guys markets, is up to all of you if the game will grow and get there! We are open to all good ideas and help.

What we think:
– for a token to have value, it needs to have a purpose, and that purpose to not unbalance the game
– for a token to have value, it needs to be hard to get or rare
– for a token to have value, it needs to have an immediate need
– for a token to have value, it needs to have a cash out option too to fiat
– for a token to have value, should be easier to add fiat into the game, than getting the token exchanged around

We do know what in some countries some people will farm one day long for 3$ with free tools and cash out every time they can, and we know that tens of thousands of those are not good for game economy, infrastructure, etc.

That’s why, the game will make that “free to win” side a bit harder, and will make the “pay a little bit to be much easier” very appealing. Because even for land owners will be better to have 10 players with rare+ NFT’s than 100 players with common.

To make $1, somebody needs to take that $1 happy out from his pocket.
This is our philosophy!


EBIDS is a blockchain  based under the no-rules of crypto world!

This means:
– there is no warranty that this game will go one way or another
– there is no warranty that your investments will go to zero or to the moon
– there is no warranty of uptime of the blockchain, site, network, infrastructure
– there is no way to recover your resources/NFT’s from lost wallets
– there is no way to recover accounts if you lost the wallets and you had no backup email to verify
– there is no KYI, so there is no warranty that we can link a player to some assets
– there is are no rules in crypto world, but we will impose our ban hammer to any abuse which will disturb with intention the game, really bad language, threats, rassism, spam, trolling and other things like this on our social media channels.
– there is no warranty that EBI will go to 0$ to to 1$ or to 10$, the market will decide, we will try to give content to give value to the coin and we are listening to any good idea
– DO NOT play with the money you can’t afford to lose!
– DO NOT buy mythic NFT’s and start a drama if you see that after 1 hour the whole market is crashing and they go from 1$ to 1000$ or the other way around.
– we DO NOT reimburse things which affects the economy, it’s a game, it’s really your solely problem if you click wrong and wipe your resources or if you put some auto-clicker which will donate all your assets while you sleep.
– we DO NOT mint lost NFT’s
– we DO NOT restore hacked accounts
– we DO NOT care if somebody fooled you to buy some mythic NFT for 100.000$ on Atomic and you figured out that in fact you can’t even use it because you lack for example the energy required or the storage, etc
– the moment you enter the game, you understand that you are in the no-man-crypto-land, where are no terms, laws and no rules, except our ban hammer who will be used when we see intention to break the common-sense fair-play rules we specified here

What we will do:
– keeping a gaming RTS/RPG strategy and direction
– we will develop constantly from passion
– we will listen to all your ideas, even if sometimes we will not sit to argue with you if one is good or another
– we will expand the game features and complexity
– if at some point we need to fork the game in some direction which might affect the economy, we will make some democratic pools to protect your investments
– we will keep our social media channels in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere
– we will never ask you for passwords, wallets, usernames, email address or any other information

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