The food NFT's

You can’t survive without food, that’s why food will be a required resource from the beginning of the game until high-levels. You will need food for do various tasks like mining, but you will need food to upkeep your armies too.

Right now the food NFT’s will provide only food, but in the future we plan to add more resources droped by food NFT’s (for example eggs from chickens, fur, etc), and which can be as ingredients for various blueprints required resources and other purposes.

Without food, your army will slowly leave your city, so be sure you have enough. If you want to take a vacation and the Elite to take care of your city and armies, you will need to pay with EBI crypto an in-game vacation protection.

In game’s first version there is just one type of food. The secondary resources and crafting better food maybe will come into our second update.

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