The water NFT's

Water if life. Is another important resource you might want to gather from start, because other NFT’s will require water in order to run.

Even at start to use your Old pickaxe, you will need water and food, otherwise a part of your gathered resources will go to Elite Central Vaults as payment for your food and water. At the begining prospecting with basic tools and paying taxes to the land owner will require some farming to craft all necesary basic NFT’s.

After you advanced to higher NFT’s, having water is mandatory, otherwise the NFT which require water will not work.

Having your own land can bring some passive water amount, if the land provides water resource bonus.

Don’t forget your army will require water to survive too besides food, so be sure you have enough for them. If you want to take a vacation and the Elite to take care of your city and armies, you will need to pay with EBI crypto an in-game vacation protection.

In game’s first version there is just one type of drink: water. The secondary resources and crafting other drinks which will give your armies buffs maybe will come into our second update.

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