The research NFT's

Our civilization research is the base of everything around us. Starting with writing to quantum computing, we raised our intelligence and know-how.

That’s why crafting some NFT’s, items, units, talents will require you to put some resources into research too. For example some blueprint might require some amount of time, energy, fuel, crypto, or other resources and prerequisites to be researched. The logic behind is simple, if you don’t know how to read and write, how you expect to craft a rare NFT?

Various NFT’s will provide you with some research resources, those are required for example to craft some NFT. A common (brown/gray) virtual-NFT card, won’t be able to craft a rare (blue) NFT. So, first you will need to gather the resources to craft the green and blue research NFT’s , and after you research the blueprint for that rare NFT if is required, you will be able to craft it and use it or sell it on NFT markets. Or you can buy directly the rare research NFT from the markets.

Researching is one of the keys in this game that you either proof-of-play, or you buy the NFT’s from the market.

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