The land NFT's

Because the map is only 30×30, LAND NFT’s are very limited. Each land NFT will give some certain bonuses to the land owner and player. In adition the land owner will get a tax from every activity which happens on his land, for example for each prospecting of players who search for iron, food, crypto.

As categories we have:

  • mountains: legendary NFT,  gives benefits in mineral and wood resources mostly
  • forest: legendary NFT, gives benefits in wood and coal resources mostly
  • plains: uncommon NFT, gives benefits in food resources mostly
  • river: epic NFT, gives benefits in water and wood resources mostly
  • orchard: epic NFT, gives benefits in food and wood resources mostly
  • savanna: legendary NFTp, gives benefits in mineral and gas/oil resources mostly
  • dam: epic NFT, gives benefits in water and energy resources mostly
  • castle: epic NFT, gives benefits in coal and food resources mostly
  • dreamland: mythic NFT, gives benefits in water, minerals and wood resources mostly
  • hills: rare NFT, gives benefits in wood and food resources

The rarity of the NFT impacts the resources provided while prospecting. Those resources are not a pool from where the players are gathering, but are a bonus of your prospecting results. For example if you prospect iron with some basic iron pickaxe you might get under 10iron, but if you get it on a mythic land, you will get thousands, which helps you to craft faster uncommon and rare NFT’s than the players who don’t own a land.

The players who don’t own a land, are assigned balanced thru all existing lands. Players who are inactive, are removed from lands until they become active again.

Game map will remain fixed and will not be expanded in the future. At start if we get blockchain sync issues when players will unpack their EBI land packets, we might add few land parcels in exceptional cases, to keep everybody happy.

If the game will become non-functinoal, stuck, etc and needs expansion, we will not expand the map, but we will go underground, and the land underground will pay taxes to the lands above, we will make other resources types and NFT’s, blueprints etc, to not affect the existing game. But we don’t plan to do that, it’s just a “just in case things go wrong” idea, we want to tell to everybody upfront to what to expect.

Land owners can’t kick the existing players from their land. However, if they bring new players thru our referral system, each new player will be assigned to the land owner who referred him. We designed the mechanic like this, so you can play with your friends&family.

Every player can see what happens in his land and all active NFT’s which are assigned to that land.

There are various events and quests which mich appear on the map in your land, so be sure you are ready for them!

Land NFT’s can be exchanged as any other NFT on the Atomic or other markets. If a land NFT is listed on a market, you can stil use it until is sold. If the NFT is sold to another player, the resources will still go to the old owner until the new or the old owner will sync his game account with the blockchain (or at each login or any other major operations etc).

If some land owner deactivates his land NFT, the players when they come online or do any activities on the deactivated land, will be automatically migrated to another the less occupied active land from the game.

We have some cool ideas for land owners (for example some land events which they can research), but those will be maybe in the future updates.

A land parcel is a squard in the above map. For example the parcel at x1:y1 (top-left) corner is a savanna land.

If the land owner will become inactive the players are not affected in any way. When the land owner storage is full, the taxes instead discarding the resources, they will be donated to Elite Central Vaults. But yes, owning a mythic storage NFT and a mythic land NFT is not a bad idea for casual players…

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